Presenting at ECREA 2022

The 09th European Communication Conference (ECC), commonly known as ECREA, took place at Aarhus University, Denmark, between 19-22, 2022.

In the session titled Journalism and Conflicts, chaired by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hanitzsch of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, I presented conceptual research conducted through the and NextGeneration EU funded research and development project Media for Peace (M4P).

The presentation was titled ‘Journalism, Wars, and Conflicts: What Peace Journalism Can Incorporate From Other Journalistic Concepts’. It highlighted different aspects that the normative journalistic concept of peace journalism can incorporate to strengthen its theoretical basis as well as its practice.

Grateful to Prof. Dr. Annika Sehl, Prof. Dr. Christoph Neuberger, and Prof. Dr. Sonja Kretzschmar for their useful feedback with regarding the presentation as well as conceptual research related to it.