Science Slam at ISWI 2023

The 2023 version of the International Student Week Ilmenau or ISWI took place between June 2-11 in the university town of Ilmenau, Germany. It featured a number of interesting and engaging events for participants from around the world.

One of the events, labeled as Science Slam, focused on doctoral candidates presenting their ongoing research to participants in a fun and informal manner, unlike the traditional systematic approach that they are used to. I was also among the participants selected to present their research to the very diverse audience. My presentation was titled ‘Constructive Journalism: The Way Forward(?)’ and it was aimed at introducing the audience not only to what I had been working on in the scope of my research, but also to highlight constructive journalism as a concept and practice.

A variety of interesting, funny, and engaging presentation techniques were used by all the participants to keep the audiences hooked. I was glad to be part of this experience and hope to return in the coming years with more insights to share.